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Simultaneous assembly and printing? Answered

It's been about a month that I have been learning about 3D printing.

I was curious to know whether the 3D printer is capable of printing the two parts already assembled. It seems like the hinge can move in the axial direction when the lock is open, right?

And if I'm right, what are the tips that we need to consider when printing an assembly?



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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-03-17

Yeah, you can definitely do that. There are lots of projects on Thingiverse that work that way. Here's a ball bearing that prints assembled and works: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3981

The thing to think about is clearance. Lesson 6 is a great place to start with this concept. When you print out the fit test parts, you'll be able to test the clearance to get a feel for how much clearance you'll need between the parts that should move.

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