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Sine Generator Answered

I am looking to create sonoluminescence at home and one of the main things that I need is a 25 KHz sign generator!  I have been looking everywhere and I can't find one or how to build one.  I any of you can help please do.  Thanks in advanced

Here is a link to what I am going off of



There are loads of signal generators on ebay, for very little money.

I checked eBay (not SUPER good but good) and I couldn't find anything in my price range that would work.

What's your price range, and what's your spec ? I suspect you're looking for a signal generator to directly drive the speakers, but that's not how you do it. You need a power amplifier between the generator and the speakers.

You could even use your PC to drive the amp.
Here's a suitable (DDS) generator

...That's about 20 bucks to you. There are many others

Haha like I said, didn't look very good. Thanks, that's about my budget, no more than $50 is what I would like to spend. That one defiantly looks good, thanks a lot!

Wow okay I see how it is...

Haha must have been writing fast!