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Single LED, single battery module for inserting in a small wood sculpture? Answered

I'd like to find a source for a self-contained LED unit with battery and switch for inserting into a carved (turned, actually) mushroom. An AAA battery would almost be too large but would be ok for lack of anything else. Something cheap, with a pushbutton switch on the bottom, that would fit in the stem of the mushroom. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks!


Looks like they are called "balloon lights" and you can get them at Party City

I was going to order a pack of keychains, but these look even better. Thanks, I never would have thought of "balloon lights"!

Solar garden lights are cheap too and have all you need.
Just take the electronics, battery and LED, discard the solar panel if you don't need it.

Try to find those electronic tealight candles. They use a coin cell and have the switch built in. You can gut them out - some may be the flickering kind but that might add to the effect. Good luck.

Good lead, thanks! I see walmart has a good selection, so I can check them out in person.