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Single Motor Bot? Answered


I am having problems. I built the "Single Motor Bot" according to the instruction above. However, I do not see three wires coming out of the Parallax Rotational Servo Motor that is shown in the instructable. The Parallax Rotational Servo Motor I purchased has three wires, I wired the red to red and the black to black, but don't know where the white wire goes...and I can't get it to rotate. What have I done wrong?

I've searched for "**The modification of the motor is covered in steps 13 through 17 of the Basic Electronics Skills for Robotics lesson." and I can't find the location...Help please. Thanks.

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-01-28

You have to desolder the servo controller board as explained in the Basic electronics skills and robotics lesson and replace it with two wires directly to the motor. You are basically converting the servo into a geared motor.

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