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Six degees of separation from Eric Wilhelm Answered

caitlainsdad says I have 3 degrees of separation: Eric walks the Streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas star as detectives in the "Streets of San Francisco". Adrian monk is a detective in San Francisco... How many do you have?


I have 3 degrees of seperation from Keith kid! - Keith kid's real name is bryant - there is a store in my town with his real name on it. - next to that store is a shop with my real name on it.

*chuckle* Eric has allowed me into his fold,
whenever I play poker, most of the time I fold. ;-)

Eric was 14 once!

I dunno, I don't really think that should count. Given the low average of the site, "Eric was my age once" is true for quite a few people, making the game kind of pointless...

I get it, but I dont know how to explain how I get it.

I don't think anyone really does


9 years ago

Everyone on instructables has 2 degrees of separation ________ has an account on instructables Eric owns instructables

>:( I wish I saw this before saying the exact same thing

So the Wilhelm Number or something?

Plus, a "degree of separation" is someone you know, not some pun. (and for the sake of #'s > 2, knowing someone on the internet doesn't count :P)

zachninme, you're no fun at all. :D We're playing a variation of the traditional game. Y'know...six degrees of Kevin Bacon...remember?!

The connection isn't limited to people, because otherwise we would all have to list everyone we know, since we're not dealing with celebrities here.

Why would we have to list everyone we know? We'd only have to list the people to Dr. Wilhelm, no?

And yeah, I know of Kevin Bacon, the "Wilhelm Number" was a pun on the "Bacon Number"

Eric keeps a simian creature in a cage at Instructables. Zachninme loves his Greasemonkey. I guess that beats Adrian monk...maybe this is more word association...

Well who doesn't?! They're so cute and fury... and their name is quite a misnomer, they aren't greasy at all! (they are a bit smelly, though...)

Look over there! Kiteman made a typo!

look at him not me!!

:D,fun way of hiding typos

how did you make tiny tiny text

Read Nacho's FAQ on formatting text (yes, you can search for it).

That is a very old comment, I know how to make the small text now

Oh, sorry. The topic got bumped by someone...

Lol, I know. I don't always point out his typos though-I don't want to get on any hit lists...

Well, everyone would have to list everyone they knew, and so would Eric, and we'd have to compare the lists to see if there were any connections...see what I mean? Ah, gotcha. I hadn't heard of the "Bacon Number" before...

Wow, I feel so stupid, I now understand the joke/game/humor/unlameness :D


9 years ago

I can do it in just two steps. I am a member of Instructables. Eric is the CEO of Instructables.

can you give me my degrees of separation from eric wilhelm?

Six Degrees is the theory that everyone is some how connected to any person.
You were banned in the Instructables Chatroom
Eric setup the chatroom
2 degrees of separation (at least i think I'm doing it right)

hmm, I think I can correct it. 1. Eric set up the chat mods. 2. I was banned by the chat mods. corrected.

Aye, works out the same, but I mean the theory of Six Degrees...

One degree, I helped Instructables at their booth at Maker Faire, met Eric, Christy, Noah, Bilal and Ed :P

Aye, apologito sinorita! no speaka de espanol! eengish!!

Eric got his Ph.D. at MIT. MIT's mascot is the beaver. Caltech's mascot is also the beaver. I got my Ph.D. at Caltech.

I got my PHD (Pile it Higher and Deeper) from the school of hard knocks. My boys worked hard knocking down beaver dams last month (dynamiting them to prepare the rice field for duck season). It's illegal to dynamite ducks. There is an "Illegal" group on instructables. Eric is CEO of Ibles.

A friend of mine grew up with Al Gore. Eric did a green related forum featuring Gore.

hmm, can you give me my steps of separation from a random user that you get to pick?

I don't get it. What do you mean?

There is this rule that any two people can be connected in 6 or less steps (I thought it was 10) called the 6 degrees of seperation. Adrian can be connected in three.

what do you mean connected? And what do you mean in steps?