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SketchUP Knex Answered

I have to say I am getting addicted to using Google's SketchUp for rendering models. I decided to give it a shot for my new RBG instructions, and I think I have it under control. While it has some quirks and not as fast as your own hands, it certainly has that cool factor. Of course, we all have to give props to Imperar for the original Knex models. Do those of you who use SketchUp find that it was easy to get the pieces to fit right? Know of any little tricks to make it easier?


Hey how do you use this program any help would be nice

what template are you using and how do you get knex in you components


10 years ago

whta is the point of useing computer software. this just take the fun out of it.

This is not a replacement for physically using Knex, but it helps when you have a difficult build and don't want to disassemble your project, or maybe you don't have enough Knex; problem virtually solved. Luckily I won a 4000 lot of knex recently, and I'm waiting for it to come in.

i both agree and disagree. but i dont noe why...

i suppose if u dont want to spend the money on the knex but thats a little weird, unless ur running on hard times... but then y would u have a computer????????? the knex would be cheaper! ugg i is thinking too hard <:P

It's for those who wish to post instrctions on their Knex stuff, but don't have a camera on thier hands, samrt one.

I use sketch up do you know where i can find a directory of the pieces?

 MLCAD is much better since it has a grid. I'm working on an in depth tutorial for that at the moment.

If you want to create a virtual knex design program, you should use a polar coordinate system (radius, inclination, azimuth) instead of a Cartesian coordinate system (x, y, z). If you think about it really hard and consider the fact that (in a way) you can use circles to make square-like structures, knex builds in circles, not in squares like Legos.

ok fare enuf, but i want to try it on sketchup and i dunno how tho get the components

i never bothered with sketch up. i tried mlcad, and hated it. i never found a point, it takes way to long, and i have a camera, so i don't really need it for instructions(my guns are getting way to complex to make on the computer anyway, it would take way to long)

what software did u use to get the knex peices on google sketchup beacuse i don't no how to do it???