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"Skinning" 123D cardboard model Answered

Hey fellow Authors, i've been working on the following model for my business, strictly ornamental. I've come this far and don't know how to continue without destroying the time and money already invested. My goal is to cover it with some material and make it look like a statue. Maintaining still a polygonal feel to it. I want to paint it glossy red. I've thought about using fiberglass, plaster, paper (as found in a tutorial in the internet), Cover it with a pepakura mesh. But i'm still not sure how to proceed. I fear fiberglass to be too messy and complicated, plaster could ruin the cardboard dampening it, paper makes it look like a cheap piñata, pepakura would requiere a lot of trial and error to get the pieces to match the "skeleton" and problematic at the end to give it the glossy and professional feeling im looking for. Any ideas guys??  

Sorry for the resolution on the first image, I didn't have my lap with me at the time of this post.

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Downunder35m (author)2015-02-23

I was in a similar boat with a project for my niece, after ruining several prototypes I found a way that works good for me.

We got strchy lycra fabric to cover the cardboard.

It is almost as flexible than stockings (should work too) and gives plenty of gip to cover it with some plaster or paper.

I glued the single pieces of fabirc with a few drops of super glue and used a brush for the first "coating" of thin plaster mix.

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caitlinsdad (author)2015-02-23

Barring all the papier mache techniques to build the skin, I have to say the base structure looks pretty cool. You might want to use spray paint to prime it and then spray it red and then put on a few clear coats. The paint will stiffen up the cardboard it bit. I would then find a shipping/packaging place to see if they can shrink wrap your object in clear plastic. If not, get some of that window plastic film shrink covering for winter insulation. Use a hot knife./soldering iron to create a form fitting bag over the structure. You can then shrink it to fit with a hair dryer. You could also use that plastic stretch wrap for palletizing but you would end up with a plastic wrap mummy. Good luck.

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Sparticles (author)2015-02-23

I couldn't give advice, but I think you want to check out this guy: Luca Laconi stewart

And he builds the most insanely detailed model of a boeing 777 out of folders.
Plenty of difficult curves. He builds an extremely detailed skeleton which supports a detailed tessellated skin.
Not much help, but it shows that it is certainly possible.

And for example his jet engines have some complicated curves.

And this Landing gear (not really curves, I just want to share its awesomeness)

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Kiteman (author)2015-02-23

Me, I like the slices. Just paint it...

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