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Sled dog questions? Answered

Hi im looking for someone who knows a bit about dog mushing to help me out... Im wondering if one great Pyrenees/lab mix dog would be able to pull a very heavy load??? He is about 80 to 90 percent great pyranese and is only 8 months old but when he gets to be older is his breed any good??? Also I was wondering if it would be a lost cause to try to break a 7 year old lab ino a dog sledding harness and see if they can pull together?? They are both very obedient dogs and easy to train!! 



Best Answer 4 years ago

Put him in a harness with even a small load. Good sled dogs have it in their instincts and will be eager to pull. Not to say you can't train one that doesn't but it will just be easier if he does. How much a dog can pull depends on a lot of things: breed, diet, training, conditions, equipment, genes, etc. Size actually is better if they are a little smaller.

I don't think pyranese are often used as sled dogs, they're herding dogs, as they are typically are too big and heavy and aren't accustomed to the physical rigor of mushing. Over short distances I'm sure it would be possible but over any distance you need something smaller with higher efficiency and probably a team if the weight is to high. As far as teaming goes both dogs will only be as effective as the weakest link.

How much does he like to run?

I think I will try that, Thanks for the good ideas!! He would only be a short distance dog and wouldn't pull to big a load. Also could I use a harness made for walking with a top mounting clip for training and extremely light loads. If not where can I buy a cheap one??? I completely clueless about this stuff and want to find out if I can do with and not spend too much money!!! Thanks!

I have no way of knowing big he will be so im just trying to find out if the traing is worth it.

Offhand it all about the weight you expect them to pull

Sled dogs should be reasonably ell matched.