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Slideboard...what material is this? Answered

Would like to build a portable slideboard..I see tons of plans for plywood-based boards but dont have the space. Does anybody know what material this guy is using for his slideboard, or what I should get for a flexible and slippery board? Thanks!


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caitlinsdad (author)2013-08-24


eems like the video person found some type of flexible mat that is slippery or densely woven nylon bonded to a thicker underlay material.  Don't know the durability of that with the wear it is given.

I had a pair of those "As seen on TV" carpet slider shoes, fun for kids to go crashing into the wall, but maybe just get a set of those big furniture mover magic slide pads.  Stick them on your shoes and try with a scrap of low pile carpet.  Or else cut out one of those plastic slippery cutting boards and strap them on the bottom of your shoes. Good luck.

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