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Slow motion videos, Brit style. Answered

I just came across the YouTube channel of  bunch of British lads with too much time on their hands and enough spare cash to buy slow motion video cameras.

Educational videography with just the the tiniest pinch of Jackass-ness.

SlowMo Guys' Channel

Looks fun...


i need an industrial camera for steel surface inspection system with this features :
i think i need an up to 5000 fps in good resolution (steel sheet's width is about 1850 milimeter).
rugged (i must put this in steel cold rolling line and very hard conditions)

steel sheet speed is about 1850 meter per minute and i must get it's film and run process on the captures of the film.
please guide me about what camera is suitable for me. is 5000 fps good? or no?
how can i calculate that how many camera i need?

please help me about that


You might also be interested in this:  http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/time-warp/

I want a camera like that - they are for real?

Looks like some serious photographic KIT there. Interesting ideas too.