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Small wireless module, would you buy it? Answered

Hello fellow instructablees!

I recently found a cheap product carrying a sender - receiver pair of an Xbee-like module. They transmit on the 2.4gHz range and have a range of 10m. 
Would it be smart for me to buy the whole stock of these devices and sell them? would you buy it from me and for how much?


Just found some extra info on the back of the board. the wireless module has the following pins:


perhaps that could make it more usable?

The module is from a wii-nunchuck transmitter - receiver pair


Ask yourself who would buy them ? Will you be providing a full datasheet on how to use them ? If not, its a piece of junk.


it's based on the sgn6210

Thanks so much! But how in the WORLD did you know that? :o

Agreed. I'd drop about 10-20 for a totally unknown pair of short-range transceivers...

What did rickharris say? His comment was removed... Also, I presume your comment was sarcastic?

no, I would pay about 10-20 for that...if it was documented a little bit...otherwise I'd prefer to use branded xbees.

If its a Wii, isn't it bluetooth ?


7 years ago

It looks to me like its a module for something else like a wireless keyboard or joystick. If it was made for a specific product it might be difficult to adapt it to another purpose. There is also a very good chance that its obsolete and whoever made them is trying to dump them to recover some of the loss. If you knew its specific purpose and it was adaptable then it might be worth it but I would not take the bait until I was given all the info on the module and why nobody else wants it.

I have boxes full of stuff that I bought thinking that it would be easy to resale and instead am stuck with. Things like round EIDE cables all in pretty colors but now made worth much less by the fact that SATA has replaced them. Hey, do you know anyone who wants a round floppy drive cable that is covered with copper metal braid and a clear flex plastic so it looks really cool?

Aren't IDE cables flat?

The cheap stock ones are. They developed round ones when modding took off and they started putting windows in the side of the case. I have some cables that are made with glow in the dark coatings, also UV coatings so they glow under UV light.
In fact I even have some that have EL wires running in them so the glow all on their own.


I found a review of an EL one you might find interesting.


Haha thank you but, you know, IDE cables...