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Smaller taser setup Answered

Is it possible for a novice tinkerer like me to use just the capacitor from a disposable camera to make a taser, wiring the battery in seperately instead of using all the plastic?


id just buy a real taser. i dont like putting my safety on a 2 dollard disposable camera.

I've got no money to buy a taser and besides, I like to tinker and build things XD

why dont you build something useful. i really dont see why youd trust your safety to a piece of handmade junk like a camera taser.

. Looks to me like it should be fairly easy to unsolder the components and wire everything much more compactly than the PCB shown. With a little bit of wire, you can mount the battery holder anywhere you want. I'm being vague on purpose; if that didn't make sense to you, you need to pick another project. . You'll be dealing with very high voltage, so make sure everything is adequately insulated (not easy to do at such high voltage) or you'll end up shocking/burning/killing yourself. This is not really a project for a "novice tinkerer" - learn to work with low voltage, say < 15V, before jumping into something like this. . Yeah, a shock to the hand is not likely to kill you, but it could.

I'm looking to make a taser, as the title says, but I want it to be a glove taser, so I'd have to attach a pair of insulated wires from the glove palm back to the capacitor/battery setup, so where would I attach these wires to it?