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Smoking Pot(entiometer) Answered

I have hooked up a 5k pot to this thing http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11304, and it dims it ok but
1) how do I get a fuller range of dimming? it only dims towards the last 45 degrees. Any higher value (10k, +) gives worse results. Do I need 1k pot? Is there a way to make the 5k work better?
2) even when the pot is all the down, the led is still dimly lit. Please make it go away.
3) Do I need to use all three terminals on the pot?

As you can tell from my questions, I am slightly above doofus level so please be kind.


you could work on the name a bit...

wow, i thought this was about " smoking pot".

Well I have hooked a pot up to too large a power supply in the past, thought that was what this was about, that pot was smoking. But I didn't inhale.

Try adding resistors in. By putting a 100ohm in parallel & another 5k in series with that, you might be able to solve both problems. If you don't have those, just play around with different values in different places until you get something that works ;-P I'd also heed NachoMahma's advice. Check it out with a multimeter if you can.

. My first guess is that you are using a logarithmic taper (audio) pot when you need a linear taper one. Or vice versa.