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Smoking on a gas grill? Answered

I have a question on smoking on a gas grill. I have a 2 burner grill and i was wondering when smoking do i have on both burners or just 1? Also where do i put the smoke chips and meat? If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks again.




8 years ago

if you have a warming rack on your grill thats the best place to set the meat, have the wood chips as far from the vent as possible and the meat between the chips and vent for best effect. I like a long continous smoke 18-24hrs @ 190-200 degrees

I've got a three burner gas grille.  When I smoke meat I usually only use the middle burner.  You need to be able to keep the grille at a certain min. temp. It's different for different meats.

You have to put the wood close enough to the flame so that it gets hot enough to smoke but not hot enough to flame up.  I soak mine in water unless I'm using fresh green mesquite, for half an hour then put them in an aluminum pan  so they don't get direct fire.

I've smoked briskets for 3 hours and then put them in the oven for another 2 hours and they taste really nice.