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Snack Question Answered

When i get hungry, I eat fruit, carrots, or something like that. But, is eatting a piece of bread as a snack healthy. F.Y.I. Brand: Nature's Own Type: Honey wheat


As long it's not white bread you're doing fine! White bread is absolutely useless. Though I'd suggest adding some peanut butter or fruit preserves to it. Much better!

White bread in excess is unhealthy. Wheat bread is alot healthier. A great snack, I always have is a Peanut Butter Sandwich with wheat bread. In excess, anything is unhealthy. Bread in smaller amounts is perfectly fine. My parents have engrained this into my head. I guess it is what I get for have two doctor parents.

Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

My snack consist of a toasty sandwich and some cheese on toast or a bowl of ready brek, some toasted items and a cup of coffee, then again my metabolisms just a bit high... on the upside I not fat on the downside I spend a few hours a day making and eating food because I can't stand junk food unless it's a micro burger, never mcdonalds, once in a blue moon burger king... Subway is the only fast food I'd eat alot of because it's not greasy as hell and I can have a footlong and a six inch as a snack in town with a voucher that makes it magically cheap...

Whole wheat is better then "over processed white bread", but it is still mainly carbohydrates. As Weis... wrote, a piece of bread is not as bad as a dish of ice cream or 2 candy bars, etc. Lots of things are much worse.

who cares, does it taste good?

It's not particularly good for you...but there are worse things.