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Sniper Rifle SR70A1 Answered


Check it out, it's under constant development so stay tuned for the next upgrade. Also, it's a "Ram-Transfer" rod system. Note K'nexecutioner 2.11's ammo belt for details.


Hey prodo, i built the Z35 assault rifle and nearly outta pieces. Should I take it apart and build this? I couldn't even build all of the gun.

I built it too. it takes SO MANY YELLOW CONNECTORS. If you like the Z35, go ahead. I like the breech loading mech, with the exception that it could break easily. If you like features, then go for the Z35. If you like performance, build this. Be aware that this gun is a bit small. Also, a tip for the Z35, replace some of the yellow connectors with blue 3D connectors and you should be fine.

I built the Z35. It took me days to build after I went out of town for a week and waited for ordered parts. So out of all the time I spent building the Z35, three of the weeks I couldn't even build anything. It took me good month to build it. I scrapped it and built your gun. Suprisingly as hard as the Z35. But the only problem: It wouldn't fire a round:( HELP!!!

Also, there's a video on how it's supposed to work on the last step of the ible. Make sure you take a look at it and double check how you made it.

First, you pull the hammer back. Second, you insert the ammo from the muzzle. Then it's loaded. You can't reverse the order, because the hammer/ramrod will push it back out.


it's up. https://www.instructables.com/id/SR70A1-PSRS/

not bad but kinda ugly

It looks a lot better with the bipod off, and I didn't have enough pieces to make it all white connectors, like the TR18. It would be a lot better that way, though

He says its similar to Knexecutioner's barrel.

It is. I posted a couple of pictures of the barrel and the transfer rod mechanism.

Yah I agree you should have made it with more connectors and less rods


8 years ago

not bad!