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'Sniper' rounds. Answered

I've never bothered to make any, so I was just wondering:
How many of you have made them?

Also, any tips on how to easily make them?

EDIT: I decided to make some, and they're a pain to make, but it's worth it. I got 217 ft. for range. I measured on google earth.
Also, I found that if you do it right, you can use duct tape for the fins. I like the duct tape because it's sturdier, and doesn't bend or deform as easily.


Oh yes sniper rounds are great. They give you much better distance and accuracy. I would never not use a sniper round in a sling shot. I'll get you some pics soon.

i only shoot fin ammo w/ my TR i slightly angle the fins to rifle the rod in flight this keeps the rod stable in wind and prevent other variables from altering the rods path/trajectory i have vids on my TRIFLE page

That's fine, using duct tape half width for fins makes it easier. By a lot.


8 years ago

This many:


I think you misunderstood me...
I meant: How many of you have made fin ammo?
By the way, the pic is tiny.

Oh, and any tips on how to make them?