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Snow maker Answered

Awsome site! Hi everyone I'm new here.... I had hoped to fine some info on a homemade snow machine/maker. Any ideas? Thanks B


There's some great snowmaker plans available for free at http://www.makesnow.net/FreeSnowmakerPlans.php.  They also have a wide range of snowguns, and snowgun nozzles on this page http://www.makesnow.net/Products.php?category=4.  I hope this has helped you with your quest to make snow at home.    

@alex-sharetskiy: you can't just spray water into the air, it won't freeze before it hits the ground.  You need compressed air to "super cool" the droplets, basically as the compressed air expands it "sucks" the heat out of the water causing them to freeze before they hit the ground making "snow"

building a snow gun is easy. All you need is a compressor, a garden hose, some pipe, (easy o find at home depot), a couple of shut off valves to make it easier, and a little creativity. I have built 2 last season and was pretty impressed at how simple it was. If you would like the basic plans, just gve me an email to send to and all is well.

get a garden hose, and a nossle for it, turn the nozzle to "mist" and spary it when it's less then 300F outside

WTF!!! I just had this really long idea the F*cking window closed! Well, in the comment I said, in short, spray some water in a tube that had cold air going through it. I am NOT retyping that right now, if you're wondering.

I Hear what you are saying... I too have been looking for a snowmaker/snowgun/snow machine. First start with the ads to the right. They may be what you are looking for. I did a google search and found this blog/forum. I found some great information on a snowboarding forum that I was on. There is a website, that not only tells you all of the scientific information that you need to know about snowmaking, but it also offers FREE plans to build your own. And for those with a little more aggressiveness for snow, they sell snowmakers to fit any size area for home use. I am not advertising for these people, I just want you to have the information that I have found so far doing the same searches that you are doing. BUT, if you happen to find more information on the topic, or better information, please let me know. Again, we are interested in the same thing, and you help me, I'll help you. Check it out and let me know what you think. Snowmakers Free Plans SG5 Scientific Snow Information

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10 years ago

Sud Bubbles or DJ foam wouldn't be any good for skiing. A ski snow machine works by releasing compressed air and also spraying water mist out of a horn-like tube. It freezes into snow either because the air is already cold or it gets cold when it's released from compression.

Some commercial snow machines don't really make snow, they make small clusters of bubbles, like you'd find in the bath. One idea would be to have a bowl of water, with commercial bubble bath in it, with an agitator of some sort, say an air compressor. You could then put a fan behind the resulting bubbles to disperse them.