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So I'm thinking of entering the 'Dead Computer'contest, but I can't think of anything!? Answered

So I'm thinking of entering the 'Dead Computer'contest, but I can't think of anything!?

I have quite alot of old computer stuff around my house, some of this stuff includes:
  • An old wireless phone
  • The old wireless phone 'hub'?
  • A few disposable cameras
  • An old video player
  • 2 computer screens
  • A tv remote
  • DVD player
  • Computer speakers
  • A wireless mouse with charging stand
  • Old headphones (The big ones that go over your ears)
So, any ideas on what I could make with any of this stuff? Thanks!


Obvious: a musical instrument. You even have computer screens as visualisers and headphones/speakers to hear it with.

Look at the datasheets for each chip on every board. Find trimmers/pots, opamps, 555 timers, or anything with a schmitt trigger. Begin de/soldering.

You can use the big capacitors from the cameras to distort the sound too.


8 years ago

You have all that stuff cool!!!!!!!!!!!

How about a hole puncher or a tazer with a igniter from a lighter or a knex parts case or a bow and arrow or a mind control device with the headphones or a pen/pencil holder or a stuner..er with the camera flash thing or a sculpture or a .... i ran out of ideas and time and space to type

a laser camera.  use the reader in the dvd player as a high power laser here is the link
use the camera as the holder and the power source.

 Smash open the top and make a fountain by sticking all the parts out the top

Make a portapotty out of it.


Haha! Lol. Rip a hole in the top of a computer monitor and voila, a portapotty!

Robot? Laser gun? Tazer? RC car?


Interesting, though I'm pretty sure I cannot make an RC car, a laser gun, a tazer, or a robot... -(|:-P

But I love that you think big!

I've always wanted to make a tazer, you can make one out of a disposable camera or USB flash drive.


8 years ago

See if you can rig up the phone to transmit audio or data over a long distance!


Might be a little hard for me, but my dad might be able to help me.

I'll see.

Take them apart and build knex casings for them.

Well.....most of this stuff does not constitute as computer equiptment, soooo....

The contest rules say:

'When we say computer, we mean microchip. So if you get something with a microchip in, start tearing it apart to make something new!'

I can guarantee you wonbt get many answers as not alot of poeple are going to tigve you ansers on a contest !