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So Many Ways to Wear a Scarf! Answered

You can never, ever be wrong in wearing a scarf. Any ideas why? Well, the reason is actually very simple. There are so many ways to wear them that you can no longer tell which way is the right way! Yes, wearing a scarf is not only so much fun, but it makes you look good and it has so many benefits for you. You do not have a reason to be afraid of wearing a scarf if you are thinking you are going to look funny or it will not match your style. In this article, we will show you that you put on a scarf on just about anything and in any ways that you can think of!
The first and the most basic way to wear a scarf is to use it as a cover for your neck. People do this all the time. They will sort of make a tie over the neck with the scarf and let the rest of the fabric fall down to make it as an accessory to their outfit. It is so popular not only because it is actually a great accessory to wear, but also because it is highly useful for cold days. During winter time, for example, it helps for you to warm your body when you wear a scarf over your neck. Even on regular windy days, you can feel a lot warmer when you wear a scarf to cover your neck.
If you do not want to be mainstream and you want to try something more edgy, you can switch it and turn your scarf into a bandana. Yes, you can even turn yourself into a rock chick with that one single accessory. Put it in on your head just like the way you put on a bandana and you have officially become a stylish and chic Rockstar! Usually, people who use scarves as a bandana will choose scarves with bolder and stronger patterns and colors. Aside from going with pastel colors and flowery patterns, they will choose the ones with pictures of skulls on it, for example.
Another way is to wear it on your bag. It sounds funny at first but people are really doing it. They will tie a certain bow kind of knot on the arms of the bag and use it as an accessory of the bag. It makes the bag stand out and gives a certain touch to the bag. Most of the time, it is better to mix a bag with plainer patterns and darker colors with lighter and more colorful scarves. But some also do it the other way around, such as by mixing a leopard patterned bags with plain, black scarves.
Now, do you see what we are talking about? You can wear it on your head, over your neck and even on your bag! There are still so many ways to wear scarves, but since there are no rules, why don’t you just experiment and try something new and bold for yourself? With so many ways to wear a scarf, there is no way that you can go wrong with it!Get Scarve today.