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So.... What should I do?? Answered

Hey guys,

So I have no idea what to build right now. I am 100% out of ideas..
So what do you guys want me to build??  Do you want guns or do you want non-gun things?? If so what...

Please give me some ideas,



Make a bin out of K'Nex. It would just have to hold a rubbish bag in the right position.

Or a rubbish picker? The kind where you squeeze the handle to open and close some jaws.

The rubbish picker has been done several times already, although I haven't seen one with instructions.

Knex have one of those litter pickers in their instruction books.

Gun mounted Gatling turrets are fun, (oodalumps gatling gun, the knexecutioner single belt, you get the idea.) Those are fun to build also.

A Rhino. Oh right maybe a 3 shot burst rbg? Shape it like a famas!!!!!


8 years ago

Build a Triple Beam Balance and shoot me a picture.


8 years ago

Try making a part-efficient M16 or M4

Ball Machine? Roller coaster? Laptop stand? Game disk rack? Rube Goldberg machine? Vehicle? How in the world could of you ran out? The possibilitys and endless with K'nex!

uhhh, what I'm doing, taking a well deserved break from knexing. do homework, ride a bike (or a motorbike in my case)

how about any sniper (hopefully intervention from MW2) but make it so the bolt pulls back the same, like sol3kill3r (i think) did but see if you can give it a mag.
what do you think?

I like The Dunkis' ideas. Especially the first, since I'm an airsofter.

I don't get the second one, why make a knex dispenser out of knex?

Go for an efficient single shot with huge range.

oh.......... ok... did you see my p90?

I know, Knex is your thing but why not try out making something else, that said you could prototype the project in Knex to bring it in to it...


That's almost worse than not posting. Be helpful to him next time and suggest something.

Human-ridable walker. So you can go nuts with it and crush stuff. Either that or a small cannon that's efficient and easy to carry, like with an arm mount or something.

How about a walker?

This is just a phase i go through it all the time i get more ideas after a week of watching gun shows and such try this and see if that inspires you.

I would really like someone to build my chain fed shotgun idea. You can find it on my third new knex concepts notification slideshow.


8 years ago

Actually do the second thing thedunkis suggested

Umm, well I would like to see a decent knex microphone stand (able to hold up a rockband microphone.) and a knex sentry gun add-on for the microphone stand xD.

Make a........ Mini uzi! or a......... Spas 12! Yeah! 
Make a spas 12!

OMG! That would be so amazing! even if it didn't shoot hard!

Two things I always wanted but no one would ever try.
1. Decent airsoft speed loader. You probably don't airsoft though so I won't bother with details on this one.
2. Piece dispenser. Think about how cool this would be. You have this large machine that dispenses whatever pieces you choose. Rods would probably be a little easier than connectors. Push a button, pull a lever, or whatever and they dispense. Not only could you now organize and store your pieces, you could also do it with innovation.

What about the things you were building? (you PMed me what they were).


8 years ago

How avout a couch? I kinda want one for my dog that is pretty small Does not have to be huge. Thanks!


8 years ago

You should REALLY try a 12-gauge....Please?!

Post a 12-gauge I meant....

Make other people's guns.

Try a lever action.
I made one a while ago (didn't post), but the lever was... eh...

Try it!


8 years ago

plz!!!!!!!! make a mac10 with removable mags and foldable stock!

 i am not trying to be mean but this seems a little desperate