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So, How'd Halloween Go? Answered

So with the last of the Western world winding down, how'd the festivities go for ya'll?
I had fun scaring the crud outa people (see upcoming ible), got sucker punched a couple times, went Chuck Norris a couple times, and learned never to leave out candy...


my teacher came to school dressed up as Darth Vader, then went on a rant about people trick-or-treating with no costume. he called it "begging".....

I hate trick or treaters who go costumless...

Maybe they were ghosts dress as humans ? LOL

Now I'm 16, but I still go TOT'ing... It's a bunch of fun, I don't care what anyone else says. Now last year in Georgia, a lot of kids in my class went last year and we had a blast... So I was utterly surprised to find out how few kids actually went TOT'ing when I moved to Florida. Most kids here hadn't gone since middle or even elementary school! So I asked one of my friends if he wanted to go with me, and we decided to go as Epic Fail Guy. It was epic. We went TOT'ing from 6-7:30, because I had to leave for a trip by 8:30, but we still had LOADS of fun, which was epic. Before we left, we wondering what we should tell ppl who asked us what we were... "So who are you two supposed to be?" "We are you." You can see why that wouldn't work. So we ended up telling people that we were from the "V for Vendetta" movie, which seemed to work. I think one guy actually recognized us as Anonymous, which was epic. So we're out and no one else is... It's still light out, and we're the only TOT'ers so far. A car passes us by, and my friend gets an idea: "Whenever a car passes us, let's bow to it." So we did. Every. Single. One. And then this one guy flipped us off, and turned into the next driveway. We ran. Fast. It was epic. And this one house had a little Santa figure out front, and a fish in a bucket. O RLY? Yeah. So, that was pretty much it, other than about 50 million inside jokes that we now have, or no longer have, due to Halloween. But it was still very epic.


Yes, commonly used by the Jaffa Teal'c in Stagate SG-1

It was really good. I'm sad it's over.

I took lots of pictures if anyone wants to see:

And just so everyone knows, Leprechaun 5 & Death Bed: The Bed That Eats are not as fun as they sound. Death Bed is the second worst movie I've ever seen - Hobb's End will always reign supreme. Death Bed was only funny because the bed has voice over, and it chews really loudly when it eats someone. (Eating someone consists of coating them with soap bubbles and sucking them into a vat of palmolive, into which fake blood is occasionally squirted. Yeesh.)


How did it go? It pass on peaceably *snicker*

I meant to write that it passed on (bit of a pun there), but yeah, I was working all night into the next morning...

No outstanding costumes (hey, this is semi-rural UK), just loads of kids after sweets.

It was surprisingly busy (we had no T-o-Ters last year), but everybody was in costume of some sort, all the little ones had adults with them, and everybody was really nice and polite about it - I didn't see anybody "going equipped" for tricking, and even the big teens said thank you.

Of course, it helped that Hallowe'en is a Friday this year (no school tomorrow). All we had decoration-wise were the boys' pumpkins (they made their own this year - R2D2 and a traditional face), maybe we'll do more next year...


Message to kiteman's sons "Your welcome!"

Grumble... I was forcing big teens to return candy... Tell #? son that the R2-D2 is the coolest and froodiest pumpkin I've seen, and the vampire pumpkin has some nice teeth.

I had 2 strobe lights outside my front door, with a fog machine. I sat on a chair out there with newspaper stuffed down my coat and up my jeans, and I wore a mask so i looked fake. I would sit perfectly still and would wait for some kids to come. Every time they would look at me and say "oh sweet its fake", some people would even poke me, then once convinced i was fake I would jump out and they would scream like crazy. I only get around 50 kids a year, this year we got 32. I made 3 kids actually start crying, and 29 scream at the top of there lungs. I had 12 people tell me that my house was the best that they went to lol.

LOL! Looks like you had lots of fun scaring people!!!

Awesome! I love when people do that... maybe I will next year. Sweet pumpkin, BTW ;-)

I watched someone get pulled over by a cop while my friends and I were watching "The Strangers" :D That was a weird movie and I hated the ending, I wanted an explanation...

Never. Watch. The Rocky Horror Picture Show... Actually, it wasn't that bad...

Err reasonably well, I think. Granted I'm having some issues with balance and such...

Eh if you say so, I'm trying to get to terms with the living bit right now...

LoL, it's the next night now and I still have people turning up on my door step... There are people outside now looking at my web...


9 years ago

The "slime" activity at school was a big success. There might be an instructable out of it, but it doesn't really add much to existing instructions on the net. The school parade was good; I think my favorite costume was a team of two; artist and painting (attached.) I also liked the inflated sumo wrestlers (bought rather than made, but raises interesting possibilities...) Trick or treating, It rained on us, cutting things a bit short. Things were pretty uneven in the neighborhood where we trick-or-treat; a lot of places were completely dark, and some were heavily decorated. We had sorta old costumes - 4 pirates and a mad scientist. In the hand-out department, traffic was generally down; we didn't even manage to give out the approx 250 glow necklaces we had planned (probably did 200 though...)


Pooh, I am still at work although I AM going home soon....it IS just past 1 AM ;-)

Yah, it's kinda obvious I'm the only fool on this late....