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So the class has changed? Answered

I see a variety of breads in the class projects, and references to learning how to do sourdough and make different shaped breads in the lesson text, but only see instructions for the one white bread loaf (I plan to make it this weekend). Which is nice and all, but I was hoping for more breads...

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toastastic (author)2017-07-07

Yeah, it definitely changed. I went through this class a few months ago and it had soughdough, english muffins, ect. Not sure where the other recipes went.

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audreyobscuraBest Answer (author)toastastic2017-09-05

Hey there!

I updated this class to be more relavent to getting through your very first loaf of bread and some insight into the science behind fermentation. Over the last year, the instructors at Instructables listened to the community, and made all of the classes a little more accessible and affordable by focusing more on skills and less on projects.

You can see all the previous lessons included in this class contained in this Beginner Bread Recipes collection.

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