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So what Knex gun should I build next? Answered

I have built the ZKAR v2 before, it really was a magnificent gun. Played quite a few wars with it and I beated the entire neighbourhood and their El Diablo's and Turret Pistols. It was my trusty gun and we have been through quite a lot. Now it is time for me to say goodbye to my beloved ZKAR w\scope, and to step up.

The ZKAR v2 was great, but now it does all weird things. It breaks down very often and such. The bolt often jams and the trigger doesn't work quite properly either, but that's more because it is a really old gun. I've been using it for almost a year now if not more then a year. It is time for me to use something else.

Only one question remains. What should I use?

I need a Knex gun that can either beat or outclass the ZKAR v2. That means reliability is key, yet any kinds of fancy guns would still be nice. I am already thinking something like swagboss or D-TAB.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Preferably no TR-18. I can't stand turrets, they always have problems with me.



Ah! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Awesome! That is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for!

Too bad there are no instructions yet... But I'll be waiting.

Haha it is posted Nod ;-)


I should have known that before... ;-)

Cool, I'll build ASAP.

Will do. Right now I finished the first 3 steps and I arrived at the part where you need to build the pancake... ;-)

Difficult. The instructions were incomplete; after I finished the pancakes the instructions didn't say where I need to place the pancake. :-(

So I just buttered some syrup onto the stock and placed the pancake there. My pistol grip is all sticky, but I guess it doesn't work without the pancake...

What? Did I do something wrong? ;-)

Allright, I finished it today. It's a neat gun, blazing peformance at times, although the oodammo magazine isn't too reliable and causes it to have variable range. Maybe I'll replace it with a yellow rod hopper or a drum magazine...

I didn't include the stock: I plan to change the position of the trigger and pistol grip to make it more compact, like a bullpup.

I'll show you a pic tomorrow, maybe later.

Ok good to know =D

There is an older movie on solekillers youtube account that shows the version with yellow rod mag ;-)

Do you have little pieces ? I would definately let the stock on for better accuracy =)


I am planning to put my own stock on, after I make some handle and trigger modifications. With the stock like in the instructable the weapon becomes a bit too long and uncomfortable, so a shorter and more ergonomic stock with updated sights would be better.

I didn't build it, so I'll belive you on your words :P I have very long arms so maybe for me it's quite comfy =D

Send some pics when you're done!

I can't send the pics today, I'm in a hurry. But maybe Monday.

I have very long arms too, yet I still find the gun to be too long for proper use of the foregrip.

Ok, pity =(

Ok, yeah it's just what you like the most hu?

I have built the swagboss, and trust me, that gun will be with me for a while. I would go with that gun because it has good range, very reliable, has a shotgun attachment that shoots 4 yellow rods at a time, and you can cock the bolt back and push it forward and you have two choices; One; you can pull the trigger all the way back and shoot two bullets at once. Two; Or you could pull the trigger half-way back to shoot one bullet, then pull it all the way back to shoot the second one. Also the shotgun has a very good spread when fired. I would definitely recommend the swagboss.

Allright then. I think I'll build that one until Kinetic's semi-auto comes out.

I have modded mine to have better efficiency, would you like me to post pics?

If you could, that'd be great. Building it from the pics (or rather: the video) seems almost impossible...

Alright I will when I get back from vacation, but you know there are step by step instructions on knexinnovation, right?

There are?! No, I didn't knew that. I thought it wasn't posted yet? Could you link it?

Oops, sorry, my bad. I thought you meant Kinetic's semi auto...

The Swagboss is awesome too, and a friend of mine has it too. Maybe I'll build the swagboss as well.

And also, have a nice vacation. ;-)

I'm got back from my vacation yesterday, and I now have my very own camera (use to be my dad's, lol) so now I can take pictures freely and upload them. But one problem, either I need to wait for my mom to get back home with her laptop (because the laptop has an SD card and our home computer doesn't), or I need to find a cord that connects to the camera into the computer. If I can't find a cord, I'll wait for my mom to get back on Thursday with her laptop.

P.S. When I get my problem solved, I'll post my twelve-round turret and take pics of my new modified gun I made.

Mine is more of a war gun but it uses a tr8 turret (I know You mentioned you dont like) it is very reliable and cool check it out here, Instructions come out soon.


I'm very sorry, but it's probably not the gun I'm looking for. Mostly since I dislike turrets (unless there is no alternative) and also because I dislike the 8 shot turrets as a primary. I need more ammunition, because every time I'm out of rounds the entire enemy team seems to come after me... >:-(

Without bragging, I think it is safe to say I am much feared in my neighbourhood. >:-) But that probably has more to do with the reason I have bigger guns then they do.

Still, your weapon looks excellent though. A lot of other people seem to forget to add bolts and pin guides. Nicely done. Maybe add a different scope though? You could add mine if you want.

Where do you live if I may ask? Then maybe I can participate for an day or something?


A town close to Den Bosch. It's not very close to Utrecht but not very far away either. Still a bit too far away for just one simple knex war, I think. You can't come all the way from Utrecht by bicycle. ;-)

I have a train subscription thingo and my high school is 20 meters to the train station =)

Even then it still is 20 kilometer from Den Bosch to where I live... So unless you really, really do want to come...?

Meh forget what I said I'm to lazy :P

I understand, it's no problem. Twenty kilometer in the cold winter sure is a long way.

build my latest TR8
it seems to be exactly what you are looking for
easy to use
great range
i think you'd like it a lot

Meh, not to be rude or something, but have you readed the description? "Preferably no TR-18, I can't stand turrets." And besides, just 8 shots is not enough.

So, sorry, but this is just... a no.

Meh not to be rude or something but have you READED the description??? " Preferably no TR-18.... this is a TR8 best gun around i guarantee it but umm either way it is only as good as its ammo type which is y i recommend you shoot fin ammo but either way i read your description hence the TR8

KillerK, I told you before, I don't want turrets. Just deal with it, mkay? I can't work with turrets, they are annoying to load in my opinion, and the ammunition tends to fall when I fire my friend's Swagboss.

(Now don't tell me it is because the Swagboss sucks and you never had any problems, because to be honest I don't care. With me, turrets ALWAYS fail. It's sad but true.)

Besides, what is the difference between a TR8 and a TR18, other then a different turret? Maybe next time I need to say: "no TR8, TR18, BR18, BR8, BR36, TR36, TR12, TR8 pump action, TR18 pump action, TR18 with scope, and all custom mods ever made for the gun"?

I can't make fin ammunition either, it takes too much time to create for a bullet that you probably won't find back anymore once you fired it.

So sorry... But again, it is just a no. And it will stay a no, no matter how many times you'll guarantee it is the best ever.

the TR8 turret is more reliable and easier to use than the TR18 turret which is exactly y i offered
but im not here to tell you how great my gun is im just saying IT OWNS lol

I made the NAR for the first time 'cause I finally had all the grey rods, and i say with all the latest KILLERK mods, use that one.

It's reliable, amazing range ofcourse, powerful and has a good trigger.

Just try =D

Meh, thanks for the tip, but it is a single shot. That's not useful at all in a knex war; if I miss, I lose.

Single shot is for long distances, not for close quarter battles. So just try to not reveal your position and stay out of the range of assault rifles.

There's no way where we play to keep your position secret. Because my sworn enemy likes ambushing and can camp for hours until I go and find him.

Your friends are noobs if they do that haha =D