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So... what now? Answered

Right - we have a restricted-access forum, what are we going to use it for?


Post useless links and pictures. Duh

That's what the non pro forums are for...

What I mean, really, is how are the pro forums going to be used so that they are worth having?

What could/should we do here that shouldn't/couldn't be posted on the main forums?

For instance, it is probable that most pro members will be older than the majority of non-pro, so would the language or content be different?

No, kiteman. We're not adding a NSFW forum. Especially when we don't know what kind of stuff you brits are into.

Have you ever tried strong coffee infused with nutmeg?

I did it for the flavour, and then discovered the pharmacological effects. I was driving...

That must effect some people and not others....I was told to suck on, and later chew a whole nutmeg nut......I don't know, maybe it was old or something :-)

You need more than a single nut-worth.

As a cheap-high, nutmeg isn't the best (reputed to be nauseous - you can't beat LSD...) L

Maybe we need a DIY LSD instructable. I would try it. On someone else first, probably.

I think it's hard to get hold of these days, went out of fashion maybe? Or possibly there are easier things to synthesise? L

It's not that difficult to synthesize. I think the only thing preventing an Instructable is the threat of arrest. But the steps are pretty easy. 1) A/B extraction of HBWR seeds (850g). yeild: 2.5g misc ergot alkaloids 2) Hydrolysis of extracted Ergot alkaloids. yeild: 1g Lysergic Acid 3) Distilation of DEET to Diethylamine. ; ; ; yeild: 2g Diethylamine 4) Coupling of LSA with Diethylamine via PyBOP. yeild: 1.7g D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamine

It's difficult enough. Where do you get the seeds? How hydrolysis? Why get diethylamine from DEET and you can't do it with distillation. And how do you do the coupling? And how do you purify it?


I should have been more specific. The distillation does not occur until the DEET has been mixed with Potassium Hydroxide.

1) Mix DEET with an excess of 10-20% aqueous NaOH.
2) Distill, collect the distillate in dilute HCl.
3) Evaporate HCl to get Diethylamine Hydrochloride.

As for the seeds, due to the fact that they can be consumed without further treatment to achieve an LSD-like effect (due to the ergot alkaloids they contain) and are completely legal, they are very easy to obtain. The most reliable source would be

For the hydrolysis of the extracted ergot alkaloids from step one...

1) Dissolve 2.5g of the alkaloid in 22 ml of 1 M methanolic KOH solution (this is made by dissolving 1.4 g of KOH in 25 ml of dry methanol).
2) In a 1 liter evaporation flask (heavy walled construction) immediately evaporate the methanol off.
3) Add 40 ml of 8% aqueous KOH solution to the residue and boil for one hour under a slow stream of nitrogen that is allowed to flow through a small orifice for exhausting purposes.
4) Cool, acidify with dilute sulfuric acid, and shake in a separatory funnel with 1 liter of dry ether. keep the lower aqueous layer.
5) Vacuum filter. Wash the precipitate with 2 ml of dilute sulfuric acid.

You can see the whole thing (it's a bit confusing, since the post has compiled info from many sources) here...


Yes it's easy to find stuff on the internet, I have used PyBOP, and it's not cheap (at all) nor easy to get hold of. Talking about doing something is a world away from actually doing it. My original point was that other things are easier to synthesise, and that's why people don't make LSD so much these days (or do they?)


What on earth did you use PyBOP for?

And I think the main reason LSD isn't made so much is not because it's a difficult synth, but because most people don't synthesize drugs anymore. As far as psychedelics go, shrooms are now very popular (at least in my area) due to the fact that they are incredibly easy to grow.

With a quick visit here and here you can get everything you need for shrooms.

I used PyBOP for what it was intended: peptide couplings. I'm quite sure people are still making amphetamines and MDMA, but later today I'll do some research on this. L

You're correct on the amphetamines part. Meth is one of the easiest drugs to make due to the readily available parts. MDMA on the other hand is a lot more difficult. There are chemicals needed to synthesize MDMA that are really only used in the context of MDMA production. Most of the X on the market in America right now is coming from places in Europe.

Coming from Europe meaning the Netherlands? Or am I behind on things? L

I had heard that the Netherlands were less restrictive on safrole, and that's what had caused the large amount of production there. Also, small amounts are decriminalized there I believe.

Sort of what I was thinking. L

*Correction: Sodium Hydroxide, not Potassium Hydroxide.

Maybe shrooms, they have less long lasting side effects. Plus, you grow them, like tea!

The side effect of getting the wrong 'shroom is a short lived illness then death. :-(

The problem is, after someone experimented with it, the instructable would probably be very hard to read.....if not impossible

Yeah but we've heard tell some of the things infused in your tea; which, as we have also heard, is so much better then ours in the states...;-)

I had to give up my nationalistic tea elitism when I was introduced to a funky new blend I'd never tried before while in the States. it was probably only so tasty because of the huge quantity of sugar, but meh :)

I am partial to some of the fruit blends, but am not a Breakfast tea (i.e. Earl Grey) drinker.

Mint teas are nice too...

OOh, I like English Breakfast, but not Earl Grey. It tastes like dirt.

I hope my British sweetheart doesn't see this. . .

He should be tolerant enough to know everyone is different and has different tastes :-)

I can't stand Earl Grey either, if I wanted to drink something that tasted of flowers I'd.. drink some sort of liquid flowers. A good black tea (Assam and Ceylon for personal preference, or even English Breakfast) is much better.

We have an entire forum to ourselves, and we've allowed you brits dominate it with talk of tea?! Come on!

Well, last night I had the ex appear at my door after coming back from a meeting, she was fairly off it already and pissed off, she started shouting and such, saying things that were best left well alone, so I stole a bottle of her wine and drank as she spoke, she left, forgetting the other two... Then I got new of my mother and her bf breaking up (great news both of them need to suffer) and may have got carried away, three bottles of wine and a bottle of goldschlager later I set off to the 24/7 garage... On the way I phoned the girl I'm now going out with (as of a few hours ago, freaking sweet, to say the least) and her phone died as I neared the garage, on the way a car was looking at me funny, swear it was... So get to the garage and ask for fegs and food, ended up getting a free sandwich, well pleased at that. So having a smoke after my sandwich and a guy who, no s**t looked like he'd been on the wrong end of a strimmer came up and started chatting about how he'd been out at Mynt (gay bar) and how hid gf was bi and so was he and how living life how you wanted was important. Then we digressed on to other stuff like how cars were too round these days... So we parted ways and I walked homewards, on the way a bunch of girls who looked like they were either out for the night or going for a jog appeared out of a street, one of them shouting over Adam, turns out she knew me, no idea how but yeah... So that went on, on the way back the car was still looking at me funny and it was now surrounded with crows, which was worrying, they walked on up my way having a chat about how clearly people need to be more open about their perversions, apparently I'm a shining example because I answered them when they asked what I was in to, though it was about music but I misheard. Now when I got home the night should've stopped but emptied the bins because I'd been tidying that day and left a note in Craig's saying "be happy Crabman" because he didn't want to empty it, like I didn't wanna empty mine (ex and I were on better terms the week before) and that played out. Usually I'd stop here but I've had another interesting night, my friend ex has been annoying her, so emm some of his clothes got a make over with house paint, then emm, shamelessly we threw his rather nice jacket in a tub and emm it was deemed the guys toilet... Emm we went on three or four trips to the offies, ermm accruing an impressive amount of alcohol, must take a photo of the table. Then Eavie (the new Gf) got the chance to speak because we'd been having a thing for a while and asked eachother out etc. then spent some time refusing to come down stairs. That was all good, then some more drinking occurred and the sultan's were called, Hassan delivered, the most epic kebab shop owner you'll ever meet. And we ate and were happy. Err then other Craig, not the one about the bin thing took it upon himself to borrow my hacksaw and a few screwdrivers, I didn't ask. So I was in the kitchen, drinking, smoking and ermm having fun and noticed flashing blue lights on the wall of the house opposite mine. I throw a shirt on and get outside and craig's in the middle of being arrested, so rather blootered I put on my sober face and dander up to the police, who explain that he's been trying to saw a sign off the pole in the middle of the main road outside my house and he's carrying three offensive weapons. So female officers asking if they're mine and I say "lemme take a look and I'll check", at this point getting him out of trouble, granted 6'2" and two bottles of wine had him crying and sobbing to the police. I say yes they're my tools, as you can see I'm doing up the house, she agrees that she can see that. Next question? Do you want to press charges for theft of property? No thanks, I'll deal with him myself, conversation plays out that apparently we didn't notice him leave, he was off his rocked, I get my tools back, while I'm out talking my friends have the wit to hide the signs I've acquired over the last few months, a fair few, including a few recognizable ones... So that's cool, get in, drink some more and go out back to calm down, friend's somehow magically produced a joint - not a habit of mine anymore but at this point I was drunk enough to not complain and it's all cool, I'm angry about the position ginger craig's put me in with the police but he's been sent to bed and can't leave mine until either 3pm the next day or I breathalyze him and he clears it because he's driving. Then Eavie, the girl I've only just got together with asks to speak to me, rather annoyed starts talking about emm, well kerplonking three various girls over the last while, I end up angry at self, despite the fact that she was angry because her timeline was one big anachronism and some of it happened before I'd even met her and put my head through a wall and appear to break a knuckle on a wall... She thinks I'm angry at her and goes off then stays angry at me and we stay pissed off, I come back round and refuse to give over, then craig and chris (gay craig, not ginger craig) have some tiff and I snap off to find out why I just heard a noise that sounded like someone being hurt, it was just chris being upset but... Craig and I talk he's all angry about chris and being all annoyed because he was on my side apparently about the Eavie thing, despite me not being on my own side. Then we decide to swap people because I know chris pretty well and he'd keep and eye on eavie, she's walking out of the house and instead of walking around her I make a beeline towards her... Somehow, we kiss, not sure how, but she said she's not fighting anymore and we're all cool and then matt and gemma have to go and eavie lives near them so craig and I walk halfway there and come back, turns out that in our making up it took us two hours to make a twenty minute walk then craig and I took the rather scenic route back... Then I phoned her and pretty much sorted the last of the issues back, as I write it's seven in the morning, I have no idea how but that's two nights on the trot I've drank a horrific amount and been fine...