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So... You think you know computers??? Answered

Is it possible to send VGA wireless-ly??? As in you have a desktop tower and then 25+ feet away you have a screen with a wireless keyboard??? I know it IS possible but is it FEASIBLE because commercial products that do this (just for the wireless screen) are $700 and up.


You could fold an old laptop over backwards (like they do in digital pic frames) and send it over your wireless network, but don't ask me details, cause all I know is fedora core 5 (linux), and I'm assuming you use windows. The box said Vista or BETTER, so I installed LINUX!!!

video is sent through a VGA cable as 3 analogue signals for red+green+blue colour, and it also requires about 8 wires (horiz and vert sync info, ground etc). At the frequencies these signals are sent, its impossible to transmit them wirelessly, and simultaneously without some form of compression/decompression (like an MPEG stream in HD-TV) , or conversion of the singal into some other form (like composite video, etc) that then needs re-conversion back to its bandwidth heavy VGA form. SO the short answer to your question is "NO", it's not possible without some sort of signal processing at the "screen" end.


10 years ago

There are apparently quite a few "solutions" for transferring a "desktop" over a network (possibly including a wireless network), but they all depend on having a computer on both ends of the connection.