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Sodium grow light ballast to car dc-ac inverter. Can it be done ? Answered

Story be this my friend. I have a few 1000watt grow light inverter/ballasts. Turns out i can't afford the electricity needed to run these. Soooooo I'm wondering if i can convert them into a dc-ac inverter. For use in a mobile home or in my car for....something I'll figure some use for it. Could also just be a fun project. Point being Id like to see these re purposed for something useful. I didn't pay much for them (lucky thrift shop find) And i dont want to use it for running lights on 12v or whatever. Thats all i can seem to find on this subject in google. And i can solder and very well..i think. 

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Toga_Dan (author)2017-07-30
Toga_Dan (author)Toga_Dan2017-07-30

the last charracter of my post was deleted. Common glitch. Post was Supposed to end with a "?".

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Downunder35m (author)2017-07-29

Unless they are fully electronic ballasts there is nothing of much use in them.
Only the older ones use copper wire on the transformer, the newer ones cheap aluminium - so scrap value is relative here.
The electronic ones have some nice parts in them but making an inverter from it might not work at all.
If you have no clue yet anyway then just sell them make some bucks from it to use on something else.
A serious grower has no problem getting lamps quite cheap, the ballst however is always the costly part, well apart from the power bill of using them.... ;)

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