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Soft Circuits Workshop Answered

Saturday, October 10, 12:30-3:00pm
reMake lounge - Crocker Galleria
50 Post St., San Francisco
$20 materials and refreshments included.
Register at http://remakelounge.com

Soft circuitry is a great way to take your crafting to another level!

Whether you're coming at it as a craftster who wants to add a little extra spark to their creations, or as someone who's handy with a soldering iron and circuitry, but wants to learn more about wearable crafts, this workshop is for you.

We take simple circuits and LEDS, and replace the solder and iron with conductive thread. Using simple hand-stitches, you'll learn how to integrate LEDs into your sewing projects.

The final results are lightweight, flexible, washable and wearable. The techniques you learn here will open up your crafting to a world of possibility.

This workshop will cover the very basics of using conductive thread, and creating a simple circuit between a battery and an LED. We'll be using Becky Stern's example as a tutorial!

$20 includes all materials and refreshments. Registration Required.
Additional kits will be available for purchase to take home.
(Free parking and right next to BART/Muni!)

plus it's taught by ME!


plus it's taught by ME!

Makes it totally worth the $600-odd dollars to fly out from Virginia.
I hate living on the east coast D:

I don't hate living on the east coast, I hate that so much happens on the West coasst ;-)

Plus I am totally for hire to come tour the East!!

Let me rephrase then: I hate that so much happens on the West Coast, that I can't afford to bring to the East Coast :-)

Maybe I'll do a crowd-sourced tour. Get on my bike and ride from member's house to member's house and run workshops along the way. Good way to get some Instructables press!

And keep in shape too :-) Although, come to think of it, that would take some time....

Something tells me you wouldn't make it to NZ, home of the place where not much happens at all.

A little more to your East and Sunny Australia's willing to house an Instructabler!

Yay! I loved Australia!
tho I hated the 24 hr plane ride. . .

Well g'day and howdy doo, I'm a dinky-die true-blue Aussie I can assure you!

What part did you visit?

Maybe not on my bike. . . But in the name of Instructables, I'm willing to make the trip!  Once you've raised the funding. . . ;)

I myself, have not traveled very far....

Muhahahaha west coast rules! skiing in winter, wake-board, long boarding, cruising the boardwalks (there are many), beach-festivals... west coast owns! i havn't even scratched the surface =)

Gives new meaning to the term "circuit bending!"


8 years ago

Aww why can't there be any of this out here in KC?? I would love to take this workshop.

i agree kc sucks!!! and the weathers is awesome too!!!

 Hey now, I never said KC sucks.. I just wish there was more of an Instructables crowd out here.

Hey, raise the funds and I'll be there!

Seriously, Scoochmaroo, how much money would we need to raise to get you to Toronto Ontario Canada?

Iwould! But I'm saving for NBTSC ... 

Not Back To School Camp. It's a homeschool camp in Oregon. 

You should try using 0603 smd leds. It will be tricky, but it's worth the effort!

SMDs are great for a variety of applications. Since this is an intro course, we'll start with the basics, and work our way up. I've found surface mounts to be pretty tricky and I don't want to scare anyone away just yet! What kinds of things have you sewn them on to?

Actually, I've only worked with soft circuits once. I do a lot of other electronics projects though, and 0603 smd leds are so useful 'cuz they're so tiny. They are actually fairly easy to work with if you know what your doing. But, Ive only ever used them on pcb and with 30awg wire, so I don't know how difficult it would be to work with them using conductive thread... Mind you, it might be impossible to do if you're not using solder...