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Soft Clay? Answered

SOFT sulfur-free sculpting clay that you use -

Is it a non-drying oil based clay?

If so, is it not too wet to make a model?



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livingintune (author)2018-01-01

I used Plus Natural Self-Hardening Clay. I don't know if it was sulfur-free or oil-based (I'm new at this). However, it hardened well overnight and I covered it with silicone rubber and made a mold.

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Thank you for your reply, I will have to try and buy to give it a shot.

Happy New Year 2018 to you and all.


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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)Stuart Tobin2018-01-04

Hi Stuart,

The clay I used is oil based and importantly sulphur-free so that it won't interfere with the curing process of platinum based silicone rubbers (yes, that's a thing) and it never dries, so you can walk away from your project and come back with no worries that you'll have to start again due to dry, cracked clay! I use it to:

  • Fill hollow models
  • Fill cosmetic flaws on model's surfaces
  • Secure light models to their mold boards
  • Cover the hot glue as a backup mold wall sealer

It's seriously useful stuff! You can definitely also use it to make the model. It isn't too wet to work with. On the contrary, it's pretty great to work with and won't dry or crack.

Happy making!


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