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Solar Chimney anyone? Answered

Hi, I have seen so many solar instructables, but none on Solar Chimney. I am not a good DIYer so I have no idea which materials to use and how.

I don't know If I myself will do this or not, but I thought the great DIYers on this site might find it a great funand usefull project. So I post it here in the forum.

Happy DIYing! :-)


I thought the whole thing was terrific and I think buildable on a local scale. (The one in Spain was gynormous.) Why not attached to a geodesic dome? Anyone have ideas on where to get smallish turbines?

Don't they need to be about a kilometer tall?

 I wonder if it would be possible to make it on a smaller scale....

Yeah. Like just a small metallic chimney from the ventilation, heated by a solar concentrator that keeps the air circulating. I was wondering that too.

Dang - I have this very idea on my to-do list.

It's been there for over a year.

It's been in the back refrigerator of my mind long enough to grow mold,I've never gone anywhere because of three factors, local climate,THE WIFE, code enforcement.

~sigh~ Francis Bacon was right, mmmMMH  Bacon.

What did Francis Bacon say about this?
Besides "Eat me, I'm scrumptious!"

My main restrriction is the shed - I'm afraid that it will fall down ifI drill large holes in the side.

Well that would be a good excuse to do a ible on makeing a newshed.  Look on the bright side of life :)