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Solar PV tracker that can be built by kids Answered

I am looking for instructions for a group of 12 year olds to use to build a small device that is capable of tracking a light source the way that solar PV panels can be made to do. Only one of the kids has (minimal) robotics experience, so this would have to be a very entry-level project. There are some great projects on this site but they are way beyond our capabilities. Any help would be appreciated!



6 years ago

Maybe they could tie a small solar panel to a sunflower :-) (you'd need a garden full of them...)

Do you want to ACTIVELY track the sun, or make a mount that points to it ?

They want to actively track a light source. Their skit is connecting heliotropism in plants to increased efficiency of solar panels that can mimic heliotropism. Thanks!

It's difficult, give them something else to do like making sundials.


This is a key component of something bigger that they're working on.