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Solar Power Kits Answered

Another Big Update!

We've come a long way since 'How to Build a Qwik-Solar' (Over 9,000 views - Awesome!).  Qwik-Solar has now 'grown up' and become the iPower Station, producing more power - with easy to assemble frame kits and complete power packs. They can charge any power  pack with a 12 volt outlet and include key safety features (switches and fuses) for worry free use.  We've made it one of the best portable solar generators which can be used for cookouts, camping, tail gate parties, and emergency power.

For industrial mobile solar power - We've teamed up with McGivern to provide solar Work Pods - with up to a 1,000 watt array!

Last, we have Suntigo micro-grid kits for homeowners (with exciting news coming soon on new systems!)    

iPower Stations are available from 45 Watts up to 85 Watts, with or without a power pack. Find all our solar generators here:

Solar Mak

And Thanks to everyone that's made Qwik-Solar such a success!  

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Jonlo (author)2013-02-28

Quick update - we've started 'Solar for Sandy' on Indiegogo to provide emergency relief with solar generators in New Jersey. One of our perks is a complete build manual for our 45 watt solar generator. Perfect for makers wanting to make a difference.  Thank you!

Discover more here:


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Jonlo (author)2012-06-26

We also developed a 'Solar Pedia' for those just starting in solar power:

Solar Pedia

Enjoy!  We hope it helps in gaining your own solar energy.  

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Jonlo (author)2012-01-31

Update: Solar Layaway is now available for Power Slate 1800 and SolerPlex Surge - with a general solar planning guide. For more information:

Solar Layaway

more updates on the way in the next few weeks... 

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