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Solar operated timer - NEED Help Please... Answered

Hello everyone!
I need help!

I have an idea of a product I'm designing to get accepted to a design school.
I need help since I have very little knowledge in electronics.

I need a circuit for a timer... an egg timer with a twist (I think)

Should have a switch (click type), 1 Buzzer, 6 indicator LEDs, and I take it that some kind of Controller (I have no idea what kind) and should work with solar power.

Should work as follows:
You press the switch once - one LED is lit and the timer count back 10min. and then the buzzer will go off. press it twice - 2 LEDs are lit and it will count back 20min till the buzzer goes off... and so on up to 60min.

If 6 LEDs are too much for Solar power, 3 are also OK (30 min timer) or NO LEDs, but a "beep" indication for each press / 10min. time.

I hope it's possible
And thank you all for your HELP!!!

Take a look at the attached picture... Just to get a laugh


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John Culbertson (author)2007-03-30

Here are a couple of basic circuit that you could use, I am not that great at electronics either but these instructions are rather simple and should help.


I hope this is helpful, I am planning to build something similar to this, to use as a timer. Good Luck

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