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Solar panels for a playground? Answered

So I am making a super playground for my son. It's an actual space shuttle or space ship. I have finished most of exterior work except a wing. Which I am waiting a bit on. But the question I have is that I want to put some minor electrical power to the master control panel. I got a solar panel instead of using extension cord. First question I need it to power maybe 20 small led rocker switches. Also about 10 small led lights. Do I need to get a battery regulator that I see on line or that for use of lighting a house. Another question is what's the best way to make the battery water proof. Just wondering if the solar panel can actually harm a child if the electrical is not done right. Will attach pictures to help with my request

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randofo (author)2017-03-13

The short answer is no, you shouldn't need a house controller for a few LEDs.

Maybe you can find a solar panel rechargeable garden light and rewire it to work for your purposes?

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