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Solar powered garden lights mod - request \ suggestions Answered

I would have loved to actually do this but I have had the idea for ages and done nothing, mabye you can?

I have plenty of solar powered garden lights that don't last the night. I also have plenty of rainy + windy weather.

Bunnings sell the solar powered garden lights from $2 each, Wouldn't it be wonderfull if someone came up wtih a mod to add a little water proof wind generator to help charge these lights equally as cheap?

In my area when we don't have sun during the day, we have wind, so the math is easy.

Thought someone might appreciate the idea, there are retailers doing this (far and few between) 4 lights for over $100, you can do better!


This blog is like a suggestion box for those who can't use solar powered lights. Great post!

Have a look on designledlight.com

I found great solar garden lights for my garden. Nice lights for a good price!

thanks champ, but it's a wind mod for existing solar lights.

Search the site - there are quite a few small-scale wind-power projects already published.