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Solar-powered hearing aids for the 3rd world Answered

What's a partially deaf person in sub-Saharan Africa to do, when hearing aids typically cost hundreds of dollars, and he can't even afford the $1 a week to buy new batteries?

Retired Canadian business executive Howard Weinstein came up with a solution - a cheap hearing aid for the 3rd world, redesigned with some donated 1st world technology knowhow. It's powered by rechargeable, rather than throw-away batteries - at about the same $1 cost per battery, except they last 2-3 years, and can be recharged using a pocket-sized solar charger.

Oh, and he also found that the local deaf people make excellent employees to put these things together, because mastering sign language takes acute hand-eye coordination, needed to do the fine soldering and microelectronics.

Sometimes the small things in life make a big difference...

Something to Shout About - Africa needed hearing aids. Howard Weinstein got a chance to start over


That man looks like Ben Stein in 10 years!
I thanks so.


5 years ago

That's coincidence, I was just making an instructable with this ID in mind :-)
It saves millions of batteries. There is a simple sollution for powering hearing aids.
A small solar panel, a voltage regulator/charger chip and a small rechargeble battery. That's all. Also in the western world is this a must and more sustainable.

Cool! BTW That man looks like Ben Stein in 10 years!

Awesome. We need more of these types of people