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Solder smoke stroke my eye Answered

Hey i was soldering a circuit with out a eye protections and then the smoke which came out make my eyes itching and then i washed it with water and later my eyes was all red and started to itch. So i was wondering if this could do any damage to my eyes ?



9 years ago

Its a bit right now but i still find something bugging and poking in my eyes.

Probably didnt damage them, your eyes are one of the toughest parts of your body. Hopefully they are alright but next time do the whole 15 minute eye washing and wear Dang eye protection! Its probably just irritated from the flux. But you probably did more damage rubbing it than the smoke caused.

It's been a few hours so I hope the redness and itching went away. If not, you should see a doctor or professional-nurse/pharmacist at least. Your eyes do have a reflex to blink when something comes at it but I guess the smoke still has some burnt micro-bits of flux that landed in your eye. It is probably as toxic as other pollution in the air so I would flush repeatedly. Don't make it worse by rubbing your eyes.