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Solder with plastic? Answered

I have been soldering veeeery small devices lately and I wanted to ask the community if there are any other cheap options such as a voltage-conductive polymer (with good conductivity), I know that it may not be possible for it to have the same characteristics but soldering with glue would be so much easier, I may sound silly but it may exist already... I found this: "silver conductive epoxy" my question still lingers: Is there a true solder replacement?


That wire glue is basically the same product as the conductive ink. While it is handy for many applications, it has much higher resistance than regular solder and this has to be taken into consideration when building electronic circuits.


11 years ago

You might want to look at some of the alternate soldering methods people are using for especially tiny SMT parts. Paste, hot-air, converted toaster ovens, etc.

You can buy conductive pens at Radio Shack (on sale right now! About $5. Normally $30). They work pretty good. There is no perfect replacement for melting solder. Any polymer is going to introduce some resistance into the circuit that you'll likely need to compensate for.