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Soldering iron Answered

Sooo i bought a soldering iron because i though i could be cool..so i bought one and now i dont know how to use it...anyone wanna help me with my problem?


hang on. is the soldering iron for wires or stained glass? how many watts is it? welcome to the soldering iron owning people club. you are now eligible to join all the electronics groups. plus, if you join today, you get a free gold tech-king plan. with the regular plan, i answer all your forum electronics questions, but your pms for help have low priority. with the gold plan, i answer you pms as soon as i get them.

uhmm my cousin made these stained class things that she cut the shapes of glass and foiled the edges and then soldered them together but she wont explain how to do it cuz i guess she is busy...

stained glass is different solder and iron, my uncle use to (maybe still does, i dunno) stained glass.