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Solenoid Valves with exclusive INSTRUCTABLES Discount - 15% OFF Answered

We are offering an exclusive deal to the INSTRUCTABLES community of 15% off your purchase. This code is good for the rest of 2013!

We also have free priority shipping for orders over $20. We love supplying users of the INSTRUCTABLES community with valves because they build some of the coolest projects! We have many sizes available and lots of low-cost options for those small projects.



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Kiteman (author)2013-10-23

Hmmm... I'd flag this as spam, were it not for the discount.

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kelseymh (author)Kiteman2013-10-25

I saw this when it was posted. It meets the criteria for the "FOR SALE" forum, it appears to be specific to the I'bles community, and it's for components that are both useful and interesting to DIY folks (as opposed to selling time at a factory in Shenzen :-).

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expressre (author)2013-10-23

Sorry if it looks like spam but we did read the posting rules. This was taken from part of the sticky post.

"Commercial postings are OK (and please note this is one of the few forum categories where commercial postings are acceptable)."

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