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Solid plastic like material that dissolves in water after a week? Answered

I am looking for a material that is hard like delrin or solid plastic, about 2-3mm thick.

 It should stay rigid / stiff for a week, then it should slowly dissolve and disappear.  Does something like this exist? 


How about a corrodible metal alloy that is temporarily protected by an electric current; i.e. making it the cathode in an electrolytic cell.

The circuit providing the current is controlled by a timer, so that at the end of exactly one week, the current changes direction, ending the cathodic protection and starting the corrosion.


2 years ago

What about those pill capsules? Like verence said how long the dissolve will depend on everything from the temperature of the room, the concentration of the dissolved substance in the solution, the alignment of the planets, how peppy Poseidon is feeling, and many, many other factors.

There is nothing that has a time trigger as you want. If it dissolves, it will dissolve from the first moment. Of course you can make the walls thick enough that they will last a week, but still, they will decay from day one. And it will be very difficult to get the timing right. It's like a melting ice cube in a room. It will start to melt the moment you take it out of the freezer and will be gone after some time. How long depends on the room temperature, initial ice temperature, plate it is resting on, draft, size and shape of the cube, etc. etc. ... - it will vary a lot.

Prepare for some of your devices to be gone after a few days and others last for months. Might help if you can go for a thicker wall. In a 2mm wall a variation of only 0.1mm is already 5% in a 20mm wall it is only 0.5%.

Materials? Sugars (polysaccharides, aka variations of starch) may be an option. So more or less what the others said .

Many plastic shopping bags are made from biodegradable plastics. You can melt them into a mould at moderate temperatures.

i have no idea if they will degrade in your time scale.

A plastic manufacturer or stockest will be your best bet.

Look into corn, soy, or other plant fiber based plastics. I'm not sure they dissolve that fast but perhaps there is something out there.