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Some Random Things I Made Answered

Just some random things I made that I haven't posted. Let me know if you want me to post any of them. 1. Bridge 2. Crane 3. Another pic 4. Double bullet (REALLY good with drummerian's x-bow) 5. Flail 6. Catapult 7. Double sided battle ax 8. Guitar Hero stand 9. Another pic


man, i was so gonna make a catapult once i posted my bow and SPEC-2. But yours is better than the one i thought of

I know it was. I haven't been on K'Nex since KI crashed. But, I've gotten back on recently.


10 years ago

No offense but my bridge is so much better - maybe i'll post it sometime. I like the crane. Flail ... :S. Catapult looks like an onager from Rome Total War. Guitar holder is good too and i agree with I_AM_CANADIAN below.

I did not try. At all.

you should post the guitar stand on instructables too.

i don't know. i mean, there are a few on here already. what's wrong with knex innovation? there are some REALLY good guns there like the Inferno and the double barrel pump action shotgun.

ya, but most people us instructables, and most people who use KI are looking for guns.

what? i just said, they have some really good guns there that are worth building. i don't get what you're saying.

I know. but people who want to build guns go to KI, not instructables. people on instructables would appreciate it a lot more methinks,

i just post on KI because i am tired of all the block triggers and copies on this site.

they're all pretty simple, but i posted the guitar stand on KI

I like the bridge and the crane

Plz tell me that the grey rods on the axe are flexable rods!

yeah... they're just white. and I would NEVER use gray rods for that; I only have 17... it stinks!

yea I know. Ok, I like the axe, 2 Q's: 1) How strudy? 2) 3 layers? Ok later

1. VERY sturdy, but handle twists a little, although it's easy to make stronger. if i make an instructable on it (tell me if you want me to), i'll make a stronger handle 2. yes

Nah, I dont think you need to make an instructable, but, do you know what piece(s) can replace the short bendys?

Normally 2 white rods and green connector.


10 years ago

If you want to duplicate this and check the structural integrity of your design download the demo version of one of the pontifex bridge building simulators and copy it.


There are other simulators that are better but this is the one I know of.

you have way too much time on your hands lol

cool guitar stand