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. Something to look at



8 years ago

the beatles.(1960s)

anyone recognize this?

who's better who's best.png

My favorite album and band. anyone know it just by the pic? :)


that is sooooooooo easy pink floyd dark side of the moon.

You know this post is over a year old right? Plus It's already been answered...

Yet again, to you this time. The original comment I posted above is ABOUT a year old, I made a mistake sheesh. Out of curiosity how did you find this? Its not even under recent unless you go back a ton...


10 years ago

Personal favorite - High School Football Heroes album "We've Fooled Around Long Enough" Personal least favorite - Sex Pistols album "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols"

hsfh2.jpgsex pistols.jpg


another personal favorite is Social Distortion's "White Light, White Heat, White Trash." Both the front and back are cool looking, although the front is quite scary.


do i even have to mention the bad touch for a bad cover

This was always one of my favorite album covers for some reason.


The song is great. The picture... not so much. It might have worked a bit better had the kept War Pigs as the title, but I can see why they were told to change it.

its true - in bass player magazine, they inter viewed geezer butler, and he says that war pigs was the original title but was too strange. i think they should have kept it

i dont know, i kind of prefer that one over hemispheres... mainly because there is a naked guy on hemispheres.

I think she is wondering about your ( fascination ?) with naked guys LOL

Ooo, my psychic abilities are in full swing this evening LOL

You should apply to America's Next Psychic or whatever the name of that show is.

I was mistaken. "Lifetime Television is debuting “America’s Psychic Challenge,” a new reality competition series which pits psychics against each other as they vie to be named “America’s #1 Psychic.” "

Sorry, I have a feeling that intuition is real, but not psychic abilities....although I do freak my wife out often by telling her what she is thinking LOL

Could be... I actually had posted the comment up there as a joke, but since most of my jokes come out in the tone of my voice, it doesn't translate well over text... And reading back over it, I could see where that would come out of the comment... Note to self, read comments before posting. Ok, this one seems ok to me.

here is the cover from one of my favorite albums:


You like the group or the album cover? :-) I really enjoy listening to them....

Well, take a look at this one: Requiem - The Fifth, from Beethoven's Last Night album

The album tells the story of Beethoven's last night alive, and the video is chock full of symbolism, none of it is sexual in any way. The first figure to enter is FATE. The other women are MUSES (remember, Beethoven has been deaf for many years by this time, he hears nothing from the outside world).
I love the whole album honestly.

We're sorry,this video is no longer available

Awesome!!!!!!!!! And I got really excited when I saw that their record company is Lava lol. Because Simple Plan has lava records too. But I also like Roadrunner. A Roadrunner pack for rockband came available for purchase on the PS3 Yesterday.

??? :S Weird I'm not sure if I like it.

They do a lot of "holiday music" and are fairly well known for Christmas music, but I found this little piece on Hollowe'en Music that was a bit different.

Different tastes :-) My wife likes their holiday music

There arelots of vids like this. Like wizards in winter. But this one is outstanding. One of the best.

I mean Wizards in winter by Trans - Siberian Orchestra