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Some funny band name Spoofs Answered

I posted some stuff such a long time ago on a forum topic, and I looked back at it today. It still made me smile a bit. So... here are some things I came up with (Not meaning to offend these bands)

Simple Plan = Complicated Idea

Metallica = Plastallica - If you don't get it, in Metallica you see the word metal. In Plastallica you see part of the
word plastic. Or plaster. Whatever you want it to be

Maroon 5 = Blue 2.5

50 cent = 25 cent

Scar Symmetry = Bloody Art

Spoon = Fork

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blue Cold Habanaro Pickles

Guns n' Roses: Broom n' Poisen Ivy

Scary Kids Scaring Kids: Pretty adults prettying up adults



iron maiden= steel broad

I don't know if anyone has included this one yet, but how about ROHS Compliant Zeppelin?

ROHS compliant electronic devices don't have lead in them (Led Zeppelin), hence the irony

does anyone else know how Metallica got their name? Their name comes from their two favorite things, metal and vodka. So, metal+vodka=Metallica.

at least you included 50 cent. but i dont get it.

Kinda like word association: 25 cent was 50 cent's long lost cousin who would never amount to much. He only did things half-way and only made it to the top 20 hits and never in the top 10 singles. 50 cent was twice as good as 25 cent...

I think they did a duet as .75 cent, but it didn't do real well. Most people are afraid of CHANGE.

Ah, I didn't know what you were thinking. Do you need a penny for your thoughts?

just watch out for those penny pinchers, they're worse then the Dobermans.

cinnamon is made from bark :-) and it has a little bite

Cinnabons are pretty good. They take more than one bite.

I meant that the mini's are not more then one bite
but I am not one for dognaughts, I am spreading out way too much as it is ;-)

That's a lot of sugar too much for me :-)

I bought one at Wegmans, not the candy warehouse

That's a tale of two fishes, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Do you like green fish and ham....oh wait....

I've heard of it, but never read it. I'll have to give it a look.

We're spreading this pretty thin. Maybe we should quit while we're ahead. of what, I dunno...

Yeah, a friend of mine had a small spread in Texas, but they had to sell it to pay the mortgage. . .

Too bad. No amount of glaze could sugarcoat that.