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Some help with camera tilt/rotating? Answered

I am trying to make my own Pan and tilt timelapse device, to use with my camera (such as an Emotimo TB3). I want the design to be pretty feasible, but I want this to be fairly professional (in case I can market the idea.... idk about that but maybe I might be able to at some point).

The problem with my design is that I want it to be pretty small and lightweight, so having the camera mount above the head seems like a good idea - (like this)

However-that takes the camera away from the axis of rotation, increasing the strain on the motor (not a huge problem), but my main concern is that having the camera rotate off-center from the axis would cause issues, say, if the rig was used for gigapixel photography. 

The other option is to mount the camera in line with the axis of rotation, but that causes a much larger design (which would look somewhat like this)

So from someone who knows more about cameras than I, If I took a camera and used it in gigapixel photography (which would be the rigs second use), would having the camera rotate out of axis create problems in stitching, etc??


That would depend on the distance to the object being scanned.

Hmm... couple hundred feet maybe? Like a cityscape at 200-300mm?

Then I can't see the small image shift being of any significance.

So how exactly would the image shift? And at what, if any point could the shift possibly result in a problem. That is, if you know. I'm not really sure that it would do anything at all apart from create more of a load on the motor.

What if the camera was placed at the same level of the motor (e.g in front of it, so that instead of the entire camera being placed over the motor, the camera is placed in line in front of the motor... i dont know if that will make sense to you, ill try to explain more if it doesnt...)

FYI you've linked then same image twice.

Fixed. Sorry, my computer has suddenly stopped copy-pasting :\