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Some uses for a optical mouse and the USB "reciever" for it? Answered

hey, i've got a spare optical mouse that works with a USB device (reciever?) that gets the mouse's signal, and I want to make something with those things, but I dont have any ideas, I was thinking maybe a RC device controled with the mouse? i dont know, im sort of a begginer in this stuff, does anybody have any ideas please?


You can create a measure using the hardware. A reasonable one too, if you are able to capture the counts. It would likely require access to the code at a more primitive level than "user" mode though, so you'd probably need to have access to some sort of API to interact with the drivers. As I recall the hardware is sometimes used in homebrew milling machines

Only thing I can think of is mod your mouse and make a new kind of inputdevice. Like a cross between mouse or wiimote or something, just hack away at it. Otherwise, something worth studying would be different ways of interpreting the input, ie map commands to mouse motions and buttons. Using Linux might be useful for that, too.


8 years ago

Hey, I have just the same wireless mouse! I also have the keyboard! Uses? Well.. I don't think there is any information sent to the mouse/keyboard (The keyboard has no caps/num/scroll lights), so I guess you can only use them for sending info to the computer.