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Somebody please do this one. How to replace fabric on a sewing basket/box. Answered

I want a really pretty sewing BASKET (I could do a plastic box kind too). ....but I really don't like the lame fabric prints on them...except one at walmart that has peacock feathers ...its ok...but it's defective. I would really like to know how to take one apart and replace the fabric. I would just buy one and try it but I dont have the money to buy one and possibly mess it up or not be able to put it back together. Right now because of my budget Im not able to do that. Thank you for time. Leah :)


The problem is I want it to look really good and I don't know how to get
the fabric into the edges - and to stay there (no wrinkles). Any ideas?

All you gotta do is pull it tight. Start looking at upholstery instructables and see what tips and tricks they have to share.

Just wrap the fabric of your choice over the existing fabric. Use fabric glue on the bottom edge to secure it in place.