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Someone play CoD WaW (wii) here? Answered

Sorry I know it's off topic but I was wondering if anyone here plays CoD WaW for wii because I was playing a match last night aginst someone named Killer K and I figured it had to be someone from here. My name was dude in case you remember me.



I wanna! I hear its damn good. But I'm kinda waiting that Modern Warfare 2 will really come for wii.....

It has a good chance of not and it still won't be for awhile like the Holiday if this year. I'm waiting for The Conduit. Hopefully it won't be so buggy. WaW has a lot of exploited glitches. One which nearly ruins a level only not if everyone either doesn't know it or wish to be fair. Most of the time someone gets tired of losing though. There is one really cheap weapon which literally at least 75% of the people use. Then another 20% use other cheap weapons while the rest actually like to have fun.

YOU... MUST... GET... CONDUIT... IT... IS... SO... HACKIN... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL WHY IS MY CAPS LOCK ON?!?!?! not anymore. yay!!!!

The Conduit is getting a lot of hype, but what I've seen so far doesn't look like it will live up to it. Only time will tell.

I'm more of an RPG type of guy, so these are the games I look forward to:

  • Assasins Creed 2
  • The Conduit
  • Overlod: Dark Legend
  • Resident Evil archives
  • Dead Space: Extraction
  • CoD: Modern Warfare 2
  • Tales of Graces
  • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, The Crystal Bearers
  • Resident Evil: Dark...something...something

Compared to all the thousands of crap shovelware.....this ain't much. E3 better be one hell of a week....

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait you do have it? FC? I could finally add someone I...sort of know.

Ummmm.... well, you see... the wireless router that I usually connect to is well, kinda not working.... I think...

YES! I play! Im level 56 but my router is messed up so ill tell you when i fix that...

I have the Wii.

But sadly, I don't have Call Of Duty. )-:

But I do have Rock Band 2
Animal Crossing
Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros

And some other one I forget. =p

Lol how good are you at brawl? It's been awhile since I played brawl but I don't want to play with whoever may still play that's on my friend list 'cause they're probably all pro now (they joined on a website we made and most were heads of clans).

I don't know. I haven't played in like, 2 months either.

Why not? Are you not allowed to play M games or something? If you are able, BUY IT!!!!

No, It's not because of that. Anyways, if I were to get it, I would get it on my PS3.

lol, there was someone called Killerk in one of my halo games.

ima gettin it for wii :D

I played it on the Wii and I couldn't get it right and I kept looking up

CoD = Call of duty.... WaW =...?

Call of Duty: World at War. It's also known as Call of Duty 5. It is set during World War II. The special things about it is that you get a flamethrower and there is a nazi zombie mode. it's pretty cool man.

that is very random for someone to be named that, but i kinda doubt that it was someone here. considering how many people who play CoD must use Killer in there name, Killer K seems like it could be a pretty common name. still, it would be funny if it was someone here. ...AND "DUDE"?!!? REALLY?!!? YOU CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING MORE CREATIVE?!!?

lol actually it's just habbit because in games that let you name your character I like seeing "dude" used in the dialog so people are like "Dude, you have to save us!" but I just recently changed it to TheDunkis to see if anyone would tell me they played me. But yeah I'm pretty sure it was too much of a coincidence. Actually Killer isn't a common used word. Especially not with a random letter. And really there is only 2 sites that really know KK and that's here and KI. I doubt that some guy who saw his SR video or something like that would just decide to name himself after him.