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Sometimes you have to throw out the wheat with the chaff Answered

I like slideshows, I know not everyone does, meh. I love instructables, with text and pictures, and the occasional video demonstrating the item. But the videos, oh dear Ghod, the videos. I don't really like the videos, but when these metacafe people carpet bomb the front page with a dozen videos, I want to punch them in the groin. So, nope, never, ever gonna look at another video again, don't care if you invented a space drive, and brought back a freaking green skinned alien babe with two navels, not gonna watch it. That's all, I feel better.


As most of the time when I come on to here I am on my laptop in a house where every one is fast asleep i don't appreciate having to plug in some headphones to listen to a badly recorded audio track on a video of "How I used 3 million k'nex pieces to save the universe. A way to filter them out would keep my "reading" experience much easier.

None of the videos here play automatically, so you must be intentionally clicking the videos to start them playing. Also, the Instructables tab has only Instructables so there already is a way to filter.

But with the video Instructables it seems common practice to give little more than the title and without more expansive explanations, watching and 'listening' becomes necessary which is inconvenient at best and impossible more often. Not a big complaint but sometimes the video ones look quite good.......


10 years ago

Some people may resent the motives of 'metacafe' posters, but remember: Cross-promotion benefits Instructables, too. The more viewers, the more ad revenue, the more new community members pulled in, etc., etc. (There's a possible negative 'tipping-point' where the majority of new 'ible projects become worthless-junk-posted-for-profit posts, but we're nowhere near that point....)

The carpet bomb stuff may have something good every once in a while but it would be nice if perhaps instructables with video links on the intro step were placed into there own Explore/Recent category like maybe Explore/Recent/Video. That way if you had a video of your project to show how something is done you could put it on the second step or the last step to keep it from being recategorized. That may give us a break for awhile. Then if we get bored we can actually go looking for videos without them being shoved.

I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that there's the homepage and featured RSS feeds, which both only contain good stuff. If that's not enough new content for you, subscribe to the Instructable-only RSS feed. I left an orangeboard comment on the user in question helping them to understand the Instructable community. I agree that posting of of their content at once is a little overwhelming. Hopefully they'll see the value and contribute more in the future.

I have to admit that the recent flood of videos from kentchemisty.com didn't seem to be wholey inappropriate for instructables, nor obviously motivated by greed for metacafe payments, But man, what a deluge!

There are some nice ones in there, though. Great find for a beginning science teacher, I'd think...

Unfortunately, many UK school networks deny access to Metacafe and YouTube.

I think the content is perfect for Instructables - it's just the timing and format were not quite up to our standards. I'm hopeful that lots of good stuff will come out of it, though.

I was scared and confused by the carpet bomb that lasted nearly two pages... however I have nothing much against metacafe users who are just using it as long as they have a real project etc, I was thinking of using it for videos becasue the resolution seems to look better, most of my youtube videos end up a real mess dues to compression, however there's definitely a line to be drawn...

I agree with you Tool Using Animal. I checked the site this morning and saw two pages in the recent section from 1 user! I was astonished! It seems as though there are more videos and slide shows than actual Instructables these days. Is it laziness that people don't want to make an Instructable, but rather just post pictures of their creation? I don't know. But thanks Eric for the Instructables only feed.


10 years ago

This is what divides us with them; us being people who participate in the "Community", people who take the time to (usually) used good grammar and spelling and actually hope to teach people. We post in the forum and help others out. "They" are the ones who create accounts to post their videos and (sometimes) slideshows. They post purely for the obtainment of views. Don't get me wrong, there are some members who post their videos, but also post comments that help others. And then the "How to make money from Instructables" iBle. Whoever wrote it, this isn't aimed towards you. It's just something I can't understand - why can't people post purely for the joy of posting? Sure, a contest makes things more fun, but contests (generally) bring out some of the best iBles, in my opinion. But, yeah. I'm not sure what should be done.

Same here ! I refuse to watch Metacafe videos.

Most of them don't want to share idea or projects, they just want to make money and they use ugly commercial techniques to attract viewers ... they do "video pimping".

And I'm FED UP with this "commercial" state of mind. It's everywhere, it's more and more aggressive, more and more hypocrite : Banks, insurances, commercial centers, mechanics, plumbers, electrician, telecom company, etc ... They lie, they trick, they manipulate, they sell crap at the price of gold ... And the worst is that they feel "brilliant" and "superior" because they lie and trick peoples.

And now, even here on Instructable.com, I'm feeling like a prey that everybody wants to extract money from .........


I feel insulted by all these hypocritical manners ...

<insert grunts and growls here>

*** End Of Rant ***

Thank you.

PS : at least, we have the possibility to filter videos. =o)

You can just click the "instructables" tab under "explore"... you know...

Yes, this is a nice feature. I did not use it so far, because I did not wanted to "throw out the wheat with the chaff" (or like we say here : "to flush the baby with the water of the bath")

I just took this occasion to express my anger against them, just in case they read it. I want to tell them : "Stop thinking we are all blind and brainless. You're insulting our intelligences."

Voila ... =oP

By the way, we have that idiom too, and I believe its just as common as this wheat one, however it translates better to: "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater"

"Throwing the baby out with the bathwater"

Yes, that is a more accurate translation =o)


10 years ago

A suggestion I made on the [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-InstructableSlideshowVideo-Tabs..../?ALLSTEPS "Instructable/Slideshow/Video Tabs"] page as well, but it'll probably get more eyeballs here:

Given that there is some animosity regarding the recent spate of videos flooding the site, would it make sense to allow people to set the default behavior for the Explore menu to "Instructables only"? Just add another check box below "Make ALLSTEPS the default". If you keep the default default set to "All", only the people who are already irritated by the videos and slideshows will turn them off.

You could also use that as the default for the Search function, which right now is set to "Instructables". Presumably, if people want to see videos and slideshows, they would also want to search through them by default. (Actually, I'd like to have the Search default be "absolutely everything, including forum comments", but that's less friendly to the occasional visitor...)

I'm making a greasemonkey script for now ;-P

See comment below, or my orangeboard ;-)


10 years ago

*gulp* I see.... maybe I'm still in shock. ;-)

Some videos do have their place. i.e. when in the middle of an instructable when words can't explain what you're trying to accomplish. When the whole video, including parts list, is in the video it's kind of useless if you're trying to print it out and take it someplace where you don't have a computer to build your project. Personally I usually skip the "video only" instructables unless they seem interesting from the get go. Maybe the videos should have a different home in instructables.

I admit that the idea sounded really good at first, but then along come the jerks just looking to get views and therefore make money... blargh! I've stopped watching videos unless they're in a very good instructable. Anytime I see the "metacafe" logo I just keep moving down the page to something better.

I've stopped watching videos unless they're in a very good instructable.

Good idea.
Clicking on a Metacafe video should be a recompense for a good instructable.
Bad quality or no instructable = no recompense.

i hate videos!

go back to metacrap

I like the videos (kinda). It is way easier to just embed them in an instructable, with instructions. If you are going to put a video on, make instructions, so you can print them out if you are going outside. And if it isn't related to DIY, or a project of any type, make it a forum topic. Don't waste my time. The slideshows are just a (thinks how to say this nicely) pppphhhlhurrrpp. They don't really do anything except display results (without instructions). I made one. When I was bored (and wanted to try it out). And then I made an instructable of the same thing. Slideshows are also a waste of time. Put a bunch of pics in a forum topic. Vioala. Job done. That way people don't have to go back every ten seconds to finish looking at a picture. Instructables and Forums are the good things. Very good things. I just try to stay away from everything else.

I feel the same way about videos (but i'll still watch them). I especially hate how this most recent "carpet bomber" likes to put a picture of a huge flame in the middle of the video, so that the icon shows that.