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Sony LCD Projection TV with pink bloches on the screen? Answered

I have a Sony KDK-50WE655 LCD TV . I just replaced the lamp in it , and had noticed pink bloches on the screen before and after I replaced it. There is a lens behind the lamp . Would cleaning that lens help ? Other ideas please.  Thanks



If the lens isn't clean - do clean it. What are these blotches like (in detail)?


they are light pink and only notice them say like when i'm watching hockey or alot of white on the screen. not noticable other wise.

Diffuse and fuzzy or a bit more pixel-specific?


Diffuse and fuzzy. Only on the center 1/4 of the screen. What should I use to clean the lens with? Vinager and water?

If you can remove it I'd use a little washing-up liquid & water gently, dry it with good clean & dry "lint-free" soft fabric. It sounds like "muck". Or even if you cant remove it, minimal water, just mild & wet soap, rinse (or wipe clean but wet), dry.